Päivyt Niemeläinen Returning, 2016, 42x64cm

olio su tela, cm 42×64


She is specializing in oil painting and mixed media works. Impressions, miracles and phenomenons of nature, old great stories in the history, and human life – in good and bad – is in the focus of her art. To enlarge her expression she likes to use many kind of technics in working, according the subject in question. Over the past few years she has made current anti-war art against greediness for money and violent oppression. These artworks act as a comment on behalf of peace.

She was born in North Carelia, the Eastern-Middle part of Finland. She graduated textile artist, then in the seventies she graduated from University of Helsinki with a Master degree in Arts, continuing her studies on the fine arts. She has developed a unique technique of relief-paintings in which she use a combination of plastic forms and painting. She finds motives from nature and from human’s life. These paintings depict human life, which comes from somewhere and exists for a short time, then disappears into the eternal flow of time. Her works are in several public and private collections in Finland but also in Germany, Austria, Portugal, France, Egypt, USA and many more. From 2000 she has had many solo exhibitions in Finland, Belgium,France, Germany, Portugal and in the USA.


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