Elfving Sinikka Castello Nueva - acrilico su tela - cm 40x40

Castello Nueva – acrilico su tela – cm 40×40

Sinikka Elfving is a Nordic Painter. She is inspired  by the contraries of the Arctic life, dark, long and cold Winters and  the bright Sommers.  She transforms her experiences   to lyrics on canvas;  spiritual and  expressionistic. She also hopes to be able to inspire people to value the spiritual meaning of life, to protect the nature and work for Peace. Her art was seen in many  International  Artfairs,  Biennals and Museums in USA and Europe. She exhibited  at the Jubile of the Mercy in the Halls of the Vatican.  She  received  32  International Prizes:  Effetto Arte Prizes,  Oscar, Golden Palm, World Art Collection, French Riviera, Knights of Art, Prizes  for Peace and Human Rights  among them. Her art has been published in numerous  International  catalogs,  Art Magazines and on line.  One of her works stays in USA in the permanent collection of Metropolitan-Gallery/Art -Museum  Las Vegas.

As artist I debuted internationally 2013 when I participated in the Biennale of Chianciano ln ltaly.

Since then I have exhibited in artfairs and collective artshows in Rome, Palermo, Taormina, Sardinia, Milano, Venice, Stuttgart, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Paris, Vienna, Verona, London and Neapels. I had my first solo exhibition in Rome 2014.

I also received international prizes:

2014 Sandro Botticelli Prize Florence, MichelAngelo Prize Rome, Marco Polo Prize Venice, Mazullo Prize Taormina, Roma lmperial Prize Rome

2015 Contemporary Paradice Prize Palermo, Best Artists Prize Edinburg, Artist of the Year Palermo, lnternational Contemporary Artists Prize Palermo, Leonardo da Vinci Prize Florence, Accademia Italia in Arte nel Mondo David di Bernini and Anne Franc Prize for Peace and Human Rights Lecce

2016 Canaletto Prize Venice, Tiepolo Prize Arte Milano, Colosseo Prize Roma, Art and Science Prize Milano, Minerva Prize Lecce. Palma del’ Oro per l’Arte Award Monte Carlo, Oscar Award Catania, Galleria Borgese Award Mentana di Roma, Arte lmpero Award Roma, Grande Artista Award Palermo, Grand Prix Louvre Award Paris, Beato Angelico Award / Paul Vl Spezial Prize for Human Rights Lecce.

My art was published in lnternational Art magazines: NEW YORK Art magazine, Effetto Arte, lnternational Contemporary Masters, Over Art, Best Contemporary Artists, Contemporary Artists of the World, Artisti ltaliani, Arte nel Mondo. World Wide Art Los Angeles catalog, Chianciano Biennale catalog, London Biennale catalog. David di Bernini Prize magazine, Premio lnternationale Tiepolo Arte -Milano, Arte lnternational Contemporary Magazine, Canaletto Prize Arte Milano catalog, Biennale Riviera del Brenta catalog, Triennale ltalia Verona 2016, Minerva Prize catalog, Artist profile in on line magazine www contemporaryartcurator com

One of my artworks stays in USA in the collection of Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art Las Vegas.

“The profound subjects confronted by Sinikka Elfving’s are accentuated and eloquently communicated by intense colors, powerful lines that strike the viewer. Sinikka Elfving’s enigmatic forests in dark greens, purples and blues, blur the viewer’s vision with a surreal play of colour, form and perspective, providing a scope of altered reality and penetration into the soul”

Victoria Ludwig


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